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Family law matters are intensely personal and unique to every individual and family. While the issues are standard in their concepts, every case is different in its details and the needs, goals, and family dynamics of those involved. This means that family lawyers cannot depend on cookie-cutter approaches or haphazard attention to the unique aspects of the people and issues at hand.

At Karp & Weiss, we never take our clients for granted as to the particularities of their situation. At our firm, we make the time to thoroughly understand your legal case, whether it involves

  • divorce
  • custody
  • complex marital property division
  • any other legal matter. 

We respect what makes your case different from all others while working to help you find the solutions that will work best for you and your family, both now and for the long term. 

You may only have one chance to get certain issues right, such as the distribution of the marital estate which is why we put every effort into securing the best possible results so that you can move forward with closure and security.

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  • "We sincerely appreciate the help and support that was provided to us while resolving Pat's accident."
    Lorena M.
  • "Given your advice and handling of our divorce, [Wife] and I were able to stay friends and will continue to have a relationship in the future (although different)."
    Jim B.
  • "Not only is Ms. Laura Belleau an impressively competent attorney, but she is also a genuinely kind human being."
    Kimber I.

How Our Family Lawyers Can Help

Our Arizona family law firm can handle all family law matters, including the following:

  • Divorce. Whether uncontested, contested, high asset, or same-sex, we can help you resolve all the intricacies and details of your case, whether through mediation, other alternative dispute resolution methods, or at trial to secure your best interests.
  • Child Custody. This issue determines physical custody (with whom the child will reside) and legal custody (granting parents the right to make major life decisions, such as for schooling, healthcare, religion, and more). This issue generally involves parenting plans which outline the details and terms of how parents will share the responsibilities and rights in raising the child.
  • Child Support. This financial support is the right of the child and is mandated by law in a divorce or when sought after paternity has been established.
  • Alimony/Spousal Support. This financial support is not automatic in a divorce. You must petition the court if you believe you should receive it. We represent spouses both seeking and contesting it.
  • Division of Marital Property and Debt. This can be one of the most divisive and complicated issues in ending a marriage. We can represent your financial interests and rights in this matter.
  • Paternity. We represent unmarried parents seeking to establish paternity which is the first step towards securing child support or child custody.
  • Legal Separation. Some couples prefer to seek a legal separation as opposed to a divorce. We can help you resolve all issues related to this process.
  • Modifications of Court Orders. When substantial changes occur in your life, you may need to petition the court to modify current child support, custody, or alimony orders. We can prepare your case and represent you in seeking or contesting such changes.
  • Enforcement of Court Orders. Where a parent or ex-spouse refuses to abide by family court orders, we can step in to seek enforcement through the courts. 
  • Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements. We can help you negotiate, draft, and finalize these written contracts as well as provide independent counsel if your partner presents you with one.
  • Guardianships/Conservatorships of Minors or Incapacitated Adults. We provide representation in seeking or contesting these court appointments. 
  • Grandparents’ Rights. In some cases, grandparents may seek visitation rights or custody of a grandchild. Our firm can advise and guide you on this matter.
  • Divorce Mediation. If you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, including parenting, property, finances, or other issues, we can assist with mediation. We work with those currently represented by an attorney and self-represented individuals. 
  • Domestic violence. If you have suffered from abuse or threats of abuse, we can help by filing protective orders. We also represent those who have been falsely accused in these matters. 
  • Child Relocation. This involves divorced or separated parents wishing to move with a child to a distant city or state, affecting custody. Our firm can advise and guide parents seeking as well as opposing such relocations.

To speak with our experienced family law attorney, give us a call at (520) 645-8500 or contact us online today.

Turn to a Family Law Firm That Has Represented Generations of Families Since 1984

Family law can be complex and difficult to navigate without the help of an experienced attorney. The laws, proceedings, and court policies can be complex and extensive. The right legal counsel will have a thorough understanding of these laws as well as the ability to develop legal strategies tailored to your issue, needs, and objectives.

Since 1984, At Karp & Weiss has been providing guidance on how to handle any issue related to divorce, child custody, or other aspects of family law. By partnering with an experienced attorney on our team, you can trust that we will find optimum solutions for your situation, no matter how complex it may appear. We are here to protect your rights, advance your best interests and those of your children, and provide the legal counsel and human support you need to overcome any challenges along the way. 

To learn more about how we can help you through the legal process, contact us today or give us a call at (520) 645-8500.

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